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Thanks for taking an interest in Biosource and Jigsaw - we're sure you’ll be as amazed with these products as we are ! Here's a little background on the project:

Dr. Pat Mills



Trevor Burgess


Who are these Guys? Both Trevor (bottom left) and I (top left) are Brits who live and work just outside Chicago. We both fished matches regularly in England before coming to the States, with Trev being popularly regarded as a ‘venue expert’ at the Billhook fishery in Hants. I left the UK many years ago, but was fortunate enough to win the US Open back in 2005.

I’m employed as a Chemistry Professor at a small college just outside of Chicago. One of the side effects of choosing a career in chemical education is that one starts to see the world in terms of the behavior of atoms and molecules. I know, it’s totally ‘dorky’, but that’s the sad reality of being a chemist! Now, combine such a view with a passion for fishing and you have the tools and desire needed to pursue the ‘holy grail’ of understanding why fish find certain natural chemical compounds highly attractive. The
Biosource and Jigsaw  biostimulants we have developed are a culmination of nearly seven years of extensive research in this area – we hope you’ll agree that it was well worth the effort.

The Biosource and Jigsaw ranges of products have been extensively tested with a broad cross-section of popular coarse and game species in both the UK and USA - in each case invoking sustained and involuntary feeding response. In addition to the outstanding results recorded by our match and specimen angling testers (see testimonials page), independent field and laboratory trials conducted at Sparsholt College (UK), as well as and St. Olaf College (USA), have scientifically confirmed the validity of our invention. Simply stated, we've found the 'grail' - a product that successfully makes fish feed! For more information please visit The Biosource Story page, as this  resource provides more detailed review of the work that, ultimately, led to the discovery and implementation of the Biosource / Jigsaw  inventions; while the Product Info./FAQS page addresses a variety of enquiries received directly from anglers and other interested parties regarding the products and their respective applications.
Dr. Pat Mills, November 2012