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Welcome to the Gallery! Bellow you will find pictures submitted by users of the Biosource additive. There are two categories - The Ten most recently submitted pictures and the, somewhat self explanatory, Hall of Fame. Each picture is a thumbnail, so click on it for a better look! Should you have a picture you'd like to post here, please forward a copy to patrick@biosourcebaits.com, along with a brief description. Pictures of Sponsored Anglers' catches may also be viewed at their respective page.

The Ten

Fantastic Carp!

Alfredas Macenka with a massive carp, caught with an SBS Bait's Biosource boilie

Monster Cat!

Alfredas again, this time with a 100 lb+ catfish

PB Carp

A PB Carp for Andrew C, caught on a prototype 'B' catfish bait!

Another win for 'B'

Trevor Burgess banked this 10.14 lb carp to win the 2009 MCAA/JJCAC Lily Cache Shootout

Another PB for Biosource!

A PB 23 lb common carp for Larry H - taken on Compulsion (WB&T Biosource product)

A win for 'B'!

Paul Wells (left) banked 54.10 lb of carp to win the 1st MCCA Illinois River Challenge!

Nice Carp

A nice carp, taken on 'B' soaked pellets, for Jamie T

PB Mirror!

John Wezely caught this 24 lb PB using his free sample of Bioosurce feed pellets!

Steel City Win!

Pat Mills and Trevor Burgess banked 60 lb of carp to win the 2nd Steel city Challenge'. Various 'B' treated baits were used

Match win with sample pellets!

Jamie T put his free bag of 'B' treated pellets to good use - as shown by this match winning bag!


Hall of Fame

Monster Carp!

A massive carp for Alfredas M, caught with an SBS Baits Biosource treated boilie

Alfredas strikes again!

...this time a 100+lb catfish.

PB Carp!

A PB Carp for Andrew C, caught on a prototype 'B' catfish bait!

Another PB for Biosource!

A fine 23+ lb carp for Larry H, taken using Biosource treated groundbait

PB Mirror Carp

John Wezely caught this fine 24 lb mirror carp, a PB, using his free sample of 'B' treated pellets!

PB Carp

PB fish of 2008 - a 20.14 carp from Downtown Chicago

PB Bag

A (93 lb) PB bag of carp and cats, taken on 'B' soaked corn and pellets

The magic 'ton'!

A fantastic 101 lb of 'natural' carp for Trev B