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If you have a question regarding the Biosource or Jigsaw biostimulants, or any related product, please review the following list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). If you don't see an appropriate answer to your inquiry below, please either post your question at the Forum and/or email us directly at info@biosourcebaits - we'll address your request promptly! OR...

Question   Response
What are BiosourcE and Jigsaw ?
  The Biosource and Jigsaw biostimulants are powered mixtures comprising several naturally occurring  biologically active molecular compounds. These natural materials are not, in any way, hazardous to aquatic or human life.
What's the difference between BiosourcE and Jigsaw ?   BiosourcE is slightly cheaper than Jigsaw, and is designed primarily for the preparation of commercial fish baits and feeds according to strict manufacturing protocols. Jigsaw is more 'user friendly' and better suited to most end user applications.
Which species of fish are stimulated to feed by BiosourcE and Jigsaw ?
  Fish species stimulated to feed by the Biosource and Jigsaw  additives include, but are not limited to: barbel, bream, carp, F1 hybrids, perch, roach, and tench (UK tests); as well as bass, buffalo, catfish, shad, sunfish, and trout (US tests).
What are the origins of the  Biosource and Jigsaw product names?   The Biosource product name is descriptive of what the the product actually does. All biological organisms contain trace amounts of the compounds contained in the Biosource  additive within their own tissues; with these same compounds continually being released into the water by all aquatic life forms. The 'Bio-source' name, then, alludes to this fact.

Jigsaw additive is a 'second generation' product that, while working in a similar way to Biosource, cannot over stimulate fish. 'Meta' essentially means 'to transcend'.
How do BiosourcE and Jigsaw work ?   Briefly, the Biosource/Jigsaw additives are olfactory Molecular Recognition  feeding stimulants. They target  specific classes of chemoreceptor sites at the fishes' olfactory membranes. If introduced into an aquatic environment, at specific (proprietary) levels, they induce an involuntary feeding response from a broad cross-section of fish species. For full details check out the downloadable report
What is Molecular Recognition?
  Molecular Recognition (MR) is a term used in biochemistry to explain how molecules of specific size, shape and chemical functionality bind to dedicated receptor sites.

A good analogy for MR would be that of a comfortably fitting glove - only your hand (
Biosource/Jigsaw) fits the glove (receptor site) perfectly. Only a perfect 'molecular fit' at the fishes' olfactory receptor sites will elicit an enhanced feeding response.

The enzyme model (shown left) illustrates the process.

Is  Biosource/Jigsaw some kind of pheromone?   NO! Biosource/Jigsaw are olfactory stimulants, not pheromones. Thus, Biosource/Jigsaw should NOT be confused, or associated, with any type of pheromone based attractants that have previously appeared on the market.
Are BiosourcE and Jigsaw  attractants, stimulants, or both?   Both Biosource and Jigsaw are feeding stimulants. Thus, they should be used either in conjunction with other attractive flavor / flavors, or simply just added to unflavored baits.
Where can I buy Biosource/Jigsaw products?

  Biosource Baits Inc. supplies Biosource and Jigsaw  feeding stimulants directly to bait manufacturing companies, whom, in turn, incorporate these additive(s) into their own product lines.

Only products displaying either the
Biosource or Jigsaw flag (shown left) contain the respective additive. A full list of retail outlets carrying, as well as distributors of, Biosource/Jigsaw products may be viewed at the Retail Products and Wholesalers & Retailers pages.


How do I best prepare and fish Biosource/Jigsaw treated baits?   Full details on preparing and fishing with Biosource/Jigsaw products can be reviewed or downloaded at the  Preparation Tips page.

When fishing, the best strategy is just to keep feeding (regardless of catch rate), as the Biosource/Jigsaw stimulants will essentially make any fish present feed - but only if introduced to the swim at regular intervals!