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In order to help us further 'fine tune' the levels of Biosource added to our various products, please take time submit a report detailing your catch. Anglers may submit any of three types of report: 'Match & Pleasure', 'Specimen & Pay Lake' or 'Sporting Species' - just click the appropriate link below to start.
If possible, please also submit a picture of your catch (which we may add to the Gallery!) via an e-mail attachment sent to patrick@biosourcebaits.com.

Match Fishing Reports: If you fish competitively in either matches or tournaments that are, in turn, decided on total weight of fish caught please submit a report here.
Pleasure Fishing Reports: Anglers who prefer to pleasure fish in a 'match fishing style' (i.e. for anything with fins!) are also encouraged to post here.


Specimen Fish / Pay Lake Reports: If you specifically target any of the larger species,  please submit a report here. Reports may feature carp, catfish or any other form of large freshwater beast!


Sporting Species: If you fish exclusively for sporting species, including but not limited to bass, walleye, trout or pike, please submit a report here. Reports from tournament anglers especially welcome.





Ice Fishing (coming soon!)
  Trout / Salmon Fishing (coming soon!)